Field Trips, Science Shows, Workshops

Preschool Programs

Two girls petting a tortoise The Lawrence Hall of Science can help you address your students’ diverse needs by providing hands-on, minds-on activities that build content and skills not only in science, but in other areas as well—such as mathematics, language, fine and large motor skills, and social-skill development. Young children's enthusiasm for learning through playful exploration is limitless, and research shows that early learning experiences in science and math contribute to children’s attitudes toward these subjects throughout life.

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Field Trips

A visit to the Hall is full of playful exploration, exciting discoveries, and new experiences. Come for a self-guided group visit, or get more out of your visit by booking a workshop just for your group.


  • Have fun in KidsLab, a multisensory play area just for children in kindergarten and younger.
  • Build, stack, and construct with our collection of thousands of building blocks. Toddlers love them too!
  • Play with sand and water in the Forces That Shape the Bay outdoor exhibit.
  • Design and problem-solve in Ingenuity In Action.

Early Childhood Classes

Get your young students started in science with a hands-on workshop just for your group. Choose from exciting topics in physical and life sciences, or take a journey into space in our Planetarium. Come for a single-session, or schedule a series of workshops that let your students explore a topic in greater depth.

Single-Session Workshops

Multi-Session Courses

Outreach Workshops
We can come to you!

Most workshops can be presented at your site by one of our experienced early-childhood instructors.

Schedule a Custom Program

You can schedule single-visit and multi-session workshops for your preschool, playgroup, or co-op at custom times and dates. Programs can be given at the Hall or at your site.

For more information, call 510-642-5134 Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.