Marine Activities, Resources & Education (MARE)

Transform your elementary or middle school into an ocean-studies laboratory. This interdisciplinary curriculum teaches earth, physical, and life sciences as well as language arts, music, math, and art—all in the context of marine environments.


MARE is a whole-school, inquiry-based curriculum for grades K–8. The curriculum focuses each grade on a different ocean habitat, exploring standards-based life, earth, and physical science concepts, as well as language arts and visual art. Each unit represents four to six weeks of ocean sciences instruction. The units build from year to year so that students acquire an ever deeper understanding of the principles of ocean literacy. Over 600 whole schools nationwide use the MARE curriculum.

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Professional Development

MARE offers challenging, year-round professional development opportunities, including instruction focused on integration of science and literacy, especially for English language learners.

The program offers:

  • a Summer Leadership Institute;
  • all-faculty inservices;
  • grade-level inservices;
  • demonstration teaching;
  • parent workshops;
  • and ongoing, site-based support.

Each school highlights its yearlong program by celebrating an Ocean Week or Month during which guest speakers visit, classes are taken on field trips, students work on special projects, and teachers receive in-class coaching.

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