Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS)

Engage students with activities that teach essential, standards-based mathematics and science concepts:

  • GEMS Teacher’s Guides®–featuring over 70 supplemental curriculum units for elementary and middle-school classrooms.
  • GEMS Curriculum Sequences–Extended units with a focus on a specific, high-interest topic, addressing a wide-range of standards-based science concepts.
  • AfterSchool KidzScience–an engaging, easy to implement out-of-school science program for children in grades 3–5.
  • GEMS Home Kits–Home science kits that provide entertaining activities and demonstrate important science concepts.
  • GEMS Professional Development Worksops–GEMS also offers specialized workshops, and maintains an international support network.

Each of these programs, as well as the network and workshop activities, is described below:

GEMS Teacher’s Guides

GEMS Teacher’s Guides provide teachers of grades PreK thru 8 with flexible, affordable, stand-alone units that can be used as enhancements for an existing curriculum, or, by combining units, provide a series that delivers comprehensive coverage of a topic. The units feature inquiry-driven activities that engage and excite the interest of students. With over two million books in print the GEMS program is a recognized leader in standards-driven, inquiry-based science and mathematics education.


GEMS Curriculum Sequences

GEMS Curriculum Sequences combine the vitality and excellence of GEMS Teacher’s Guides with greater coherence, scientific and educational depth, systematic assessment and new learning technologies. Topics available are Space Sciences, one each for Grades 3–5 and for Grades 6–8, and topics in Ocean Sciences, one for each Grades 3–5 and for Grades 6–8. These compelling units provide students engaging content addressing a broad range of standards-based science content. For questions regarding the purchase or implementation of GEMS Curriculum Sequences, please contact us at 510-642-7771 or at



GEMS publishes a number of handbooks that support the implementation of GEMS units and other inquiry-based programs for diverse audiences.


AfterSchool KidzScience

A GEMS series designed to generate interest in science among children during out-of-school time.  Published by the Center for the Collaborative Classroom (formerly known as Developmental Studies Center), the program exposes students in grades 3-5 to fundamental science concepts that are key to science standards.  Written to be easy-to-implement for any out-of-school leader, series address the topics of physical science, green science, life science, and more.  


Home Science Kits

Purchase home science kits for kids! These kits are based on some of the most popular GEMS activities. Winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Science/Crafts Best Toy Award, and Family Fun Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) Award. Every kit is designed, tested, and refined for maximum fun and learning potential.


GEMS Professional Development

GEMS provides professional development sessions at Lawrence Hall of Science and at trade shows and other events GEMS has also built a substantial base of regional leadership through a national network of GEMS Centers and Network Sites, closely affiliated with the GEMS Project.


Learn about GEMS provided professional development opportunities.

Become qualified to offer professional development to teachers in your school or community. Three day GEMS Associate workshops are designed for current GEMS users who are interested in an in-depth look at the program and its philosophy, with an eye towards supporting other teachers in their implementation of GEMS units.


Gain deeper knowledge of the GEMS Space Science Sequences (grades 3-5 and 6-8).

Participate in an Advancing Teacher Learning in Space Science (ATLSS) workshop.