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Promote a life-long love of learning with engaging, inquiry-based instructional materials designed by leading educators at UC Berkeley. Each program provides ongoing support and education in the use of these innovative materials and methods.

Full Option Science System (FOSS)

Guide students in an exploration of the natural world as they actively construct inquiries, investigations, and analyses. This K-8 system is also an ongoing research project dedicated to improving the learning and teaching of science.

Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS)

Meet and exceed National Science Education Standards with these research-based materials. New developments include a dynamic ocean sciences curriculum developed with NOAA and leading ocean science researchers.

Global Systems Science (GSS)

This interdisciplinary, integrated course for high school students emphasizes how scientists from a wide variety of fields work together to understand significant problems of global impact.

Hands-On Universe™ (HOU)

This educational program enables students to investigate the universe while applying tools and concepts from science, mathematics, and technology. Using the Internet, HOU participants around the world request observations from an automated telescope, download images from a large image archive, and analyze them with the aid of user-friendly image processing software.

Marine Activities, Resources & Education (MARE)

Explore marine environments through several lenses: science, language arts, music, mathematics, and visual arts. This inquiry-based marine immersion program transforms an elementary or middle school into an interdisciplinary laboratory for the exploration of the ocean.

Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading

Teach science concepts in depth while building literacy and discussion skills. This next-generation science curriculum encourages active learning—students read, write, and discuss as scientists do.

Science Education for Public Understanding Program (SEPUP)

Engage your students in issue-oriented science, the application of scientific methods to evaluate societal problems—like reducing landfill or avoiding food poisoning. Students learn the value of evidence-based problem solving while drawing connections between science and everyday life.

AfterSchool KidzScience

AfterSchool KidzScience™ (ASKS)

We are pleased to be able to offer AfterSchool KidzScience kits that address a variety of topics in earth and space, forensics, physical, life, and “green” science. Each kit includes four approximately 45-minute sessions.