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• Global Systems Science

Global Systems Science and
National Science Education Standards (NSES)

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Detailed correspondence* between NSES and GSS books—in Excel documents (control click to download Excel file):

    1. New World View
    2. Climate Change
    3. Life and Climate
    4. Ozone
    5. Losing Biodiversity
    6. Energy Flow
    7. Ecosystem Change
    8. Population Growth
    9. Energy Use
* There are 4 columns in each of the above Excel documents:
  1. Code: GSS book, chapter, and page #.
  2. Relevant Quote from GSS book.
  3. Code: NSES Chapter, page #, section subheading, and bullet number.
  4. Relevant quote from NSES.



Cary Sneider's (PDF):
Global Systems Science and the National Science Education Standards

Correlations of GSS with State Standards

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