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Professional Development --||-- Teacher Guides

GSS Teacher Guides are available free on this website. We recommend they be printed on looseleaf paper for flexibility in removing or adding sections. The teacher Guides have many additional Investigations or Lab Activities with pages you can copy and provide your students.

The Teacher Guides also explain:

  • How can I customize GSS for my students?
  • How can I sequence the Guides in a one year course?
  • What will my students learn?
  • What teaching methods should I use?
  • How can I assess student learning?
  • How is GSS related to science education reform?
  • What support do I need to implement GSS?
  • Who created GSS and how was it created?


Download Teacher Guides


Strategies for Computer Use with GSS

Professional Development --||-- Teacher Guides

Professional Development in GSS
It may be highly energizing and informative to attend the annual summer conference for GSS teachers and teacher leaders.

At other times, GSS professional development leaders can conduct teacher workshops and curriculum design meetings in GSS either at Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley or at your site. Workshops are tailored for your school, district, and state curriculum needs, either to fit existing curriculum or designing new curriculum.
Costs are:

  • Transportation and lodging for GSS professional development leader/instructor (if at your site)
  • Materials (CDs, lab investigation supplies, and whichever hard copy books are needed/desired)
  • $1200/day for instructor time (2-4 hours is 1/2 half day, 5-8 hours is full day).

Click on Spine /or Cover to print full size image. (pdf)


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