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This is a project to establish a network of practicing high school teachers actively using climate change curricula. The key aim of the project will be creation of professional learning communities (PLCs) of teachers who, through a series of remote meetings and workshops, maintain ongoing communication and sharing of best practices among colleagues to strengthen knowledge and promote effective teaching strategies during and beyond the actual grant period. Workshop subject matter will emphasize incorporating analysis of NASA Earth observation data by students in classrooms.

As much as possible we'll have travel-less meetings to form PLCs. The project will explore techniques to achieve the most effective teleconferencing meetings and workshops. This promotes not only teaching about minimizing environmental impacts of human activity, but minimizes environmental impacts of professional development — practicing what we preach.

If you are interested in joining one of the Lifelines PLCs, simply fill out the online Application Form.

The partner organizations include:

  • Global Systems Science (GSS), a high school science curriculum widely used in integrated science, Earth science, and environmental science courses, is the lead proposer of the project. GSS provides tried and true resources, including Climate Change and Life and Climate.
  • LHS Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) with an existing network of over 80 professional development (PD) sites and centers, across the United States.
  • Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), of which GSS is a member will provide avenues for recruitment of participants, speakers for the remote teacher workshop events, and useful resources such as Earth Exploration Toolkit, GLOBE, and Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA), Measuring Vegetation Health (MVH), Forest Watch , and
  • EOS Webster with access to NASA Earth satellite imagery.

The project design employs a cascading effect, recruiting and training 20 climate change education teacher leaders who then form the PLCs comprised of 15 high school science teachers, for a total of 320 teachers involved in the project. Project staff are actively engaged in all levels from training teacher leaders to participating in selected PLC meetings.

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Lifelines PLC Leaders' Site
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Lifelines Archive

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Online Application Form for joining Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education PLC.

NASA Climate Change Education web page for Lifelines project.






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