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Supporting Your Child's Schooling at Home

How Home and School Intersect

While schooling is a critically important part of a person's education, it's just one part. A child's education encompasses all of the learning that she or he does in life. Teachers and schools are in charge of our children's schooling, but parents facilitate and support their children's overall education in many ways.

Learning happens in the school and at home
How parent involvement supports a child's education

Spark Your Child's Success

A parent's involvement in a child's education is the single most important factor in that child's academic success. There are many small and practical things parents can do to support their child's learning.

What parents can do to make a difference
The art of the question

How Does Your Child Shine?

All of us have different learning styles, different ways in which we are "smart." It's very helpful for parents to be aware of the ways in which children learn best, and to help children come to know their strengths and the ways they learn best. Parents can also help their children develop their abilities to learn in other ways as well.

What are "multiple intelligences?"
Multiple intelligences and your child
Multiple intelligences inventory for adults 

Parenting Styles: Where Do You Fit In?

Educational research shows that certain parenting styles are more effective than others in encouraging children's academic success.

Characteristics of parenting that promote academic success
Four common ways parents discourage their children
Turning discouragement into encouragement
What encouragement sounds like
Assessing your coaching skills


Homework can be a source of dread for both child and parent, but there are many ways you can help your child to manage his or her homework assignments and build strong learning skills.

Helping with science and math homework
Helping your child achieve high standards