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What Educational Research Says

The Family's Role

Educational research has demonstrated that parent involvement in a child's education is the most important factor for a child's academic success.

How Parents Make a Difference
Building a Strong Math/Science Foundation at Home

Practical Actions

Here are some practical actions parents can take to strengthen a child's schooling and overall education. You may be surprised to find that many of these suggestions are things you already do.

What Research Says about Parent Involvement

How Students Learn

Here are some quick digests of educational research pertaining to how students learn best.

What Research Says about How Students Learn Best
Helping Your Children Establish High Standards for Their Schoolwork


More on Science and Mathematics Standards

Here are links to both national and state content standards in education. These educational standards shape both how and what your child learns in school.

The National Science Education Standards:

The Benchmarks for Science Literacy:

The Principles and Standards for School Mathematics:

You can look up your state's standards on the Internet, or in the reference section of most libraries.

How Has Education Changed?

Educational Jargon Defined
What's New in Education
Standards-Based Reform

More Educational Research Resources

If you're interested in delving further into issues related to parenting, education, and how children learn best, see Communication Corner for suggested reading and viewing for parents.


Here are some lists of books and resources on which we've drawn in creating this Web site. A word of caution: while many of these references are written for a general audience, some are very academic and may be hard to find.

Further Reading on Testing
Further Reading on Active Learning
Further Reading on Science Education
Further Reading on Multiple Intelligences

Further Reading on How Parents Make a Difference