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Finding Out What Your Child Knows

Plain Talk About Testing and Assessment in the News

The results of standardized tests often appear in news stories assessing the relative successes or failures of our schools. However these same news stories often offer little information on how to interpret those test scores. Here's some information to help you bring perspective to what you read in the newspaper.

Educational Jargon Defined
Test Results in the News
Don't Believe Everything You Read in the News

The "Horse Race Game" and Assessment Activity

Try out an interactive math game that children play to learn concepts in probability, and then have a look at two ways of assessing related student work. What are the advantages and limitations of each assessment method?

The Horse Race Game

Assessment and Testing

All children want to be successful. An important part of supporting your children is understanding their learning strengths and weaknesses. Here is information on how to assess your child's academic progress and how to help her navigate the realm of high-stakes testing.

Test Taking Is a Skill
Assessing Your Children's Learning Habits
How Your Child Learns Best: Two Kinds of Tests

The Center for the Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning (CAESL) is a National Science Foundation-funded Center for Learning and Teaching, bringing together: the Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST) at UCLA; the School of Education at Stanford; the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley; Lawrence Hall of Science; and WestEd. CAESL aims to improve student learning and understanding in science by focusing on effective assessment. You may be especially interested in a series of articles selected and written by CAESL on current issues in standardized testing and student assessment.