Resources for Families

Getting Involved at School

Practical Advice for Getting Involved at School

Schools work best when parents, teachers, and administrators work together. Parents often ask how they can support their children's teachers in doing the best job they can. Here are some practical suggestions.

How Your Involvement Makes a Difference
20 Ways to Support Your Child and Her School
Troubleshooting Problems in Math and Science

School/Home Partnerships

Partnerships among schools, parents, and the community are essential in creating a thriving school community. Such partnerships are being formed across the country. Here are just a few success stories from schools and communities that have joined forces to make children's education a teamwork priority.

Teamwork: Parent/School Success Stories

Engaging Messages to Share With Your School

Here's a series of short educational research findings related to how parents can best help their children to do well in school. These short messages are perfect for sharing with your child's school through the school newsletter.

Short Messages: How Parents Can Make a Difference