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Donor List

The Lawrence Hall of Science is pleased to recognize the generosity of donors who gave $100 or more from July 2009 to June 2010.

Partners in Science Education

The Lawrence Hall of Science is especially grateful to its Partners in Science Education. Partners are individuals contributing a gift of $1,000 or more to the Lawrence Hall of Science and who are committed to our mission to inspire and foster learning of science and mathematics for all.

$25,000 and above



Louie and Terry Ehrlich
Jen-Hsun and Lori Huang
John and Helen Meyer
Janet and Norman Pease
Tricia and Zach Stenger


Stephen C. Beck and Candice Eggerss
Andres del Campo
Anne F. and Marshall Grodin
Paul Hertelendy
Catherine and Jim Koshland
Shelly Kodimer and Ken Lutz
Gary and Irene Masada
James R. and Sharon Moore, Jr.
Jim R. Moore, Sr.
Ann Baxter Perrin and Marc Perrin
David and Marcy Segre
Charles Baxter and Jinee Tao
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tarkoff
Neil Tuller
Richard S. Woodward


Betty and Bruce Alberts
Hans and Marian Baldauf
Patricia K. and Roger W. Falcone
Alan Gould and Diane Tokugawa
Betty Helmholz
Eric Behrens and Joyce M. Hicks, Esq.
C. Michael and Christina Lederer
Celine and Alastair MacTaggart
John R. and Mary E. Robbins
Ruth M. Schubert
Barclay and Sharon Simpson
Bruce and Debby Smith
James W. Steele
John R. Willison
Heather and John Winther


Sharon Bonner-Brown and William Brown
Alberta and David Buller
Milton Chen and Ruth Cox
Hugh and Nancy Ditzler
Jessica and Mike Dodson
Jane and Matthew Foehr
Cindy L. and George A. Fosselius
Christine and Wing Gee
Mary Henderson
Frederika and Thomas E. Horton
Linda Ingham
Tony Jeffries
Jim and Tori Lawrence
Gabriel Li
Larry Malone
Laura and Segundo Mateo
William C. McIvor
John McWeeny and Abigail Scott
Joseph R. and Madeline H. Mixer
Shantanu and Reni Narayen
Alex J. and Margaret Norman
Sherry Hsi and Per Peterson
Wendi Gosliner and Michael K. Pierce
Kim Polese
Mark and Dustie Robeson
Alan and Nancy Saldich
Patricia Dechow and Richard Sloan
John A. and Marjorie Sproul
Elizabeth and Martin Terplan
Norma amd Witold Willer
Diana and George Wu
Midge and Peter Zischke


Heather and Tim Albinson
Barbara Ando and Jerry Booth
Jacquey Barber and Steven Sutcher
Aneila and Eugene Barth
Karen and Mark Biestman
Jean and Don Brandenburger
Alice V. Chetkovich
Erik Christoffersen and Alissa Lee
Georgeann Cissel and Charles A. Taylor
Paul and Pam Clemmons
Austra and Grant E. Gauger
Michael and Rocio Haas
Basheer Janjua
John and Kay Lyman
Harold T. McGrath
Howard and Nancy Mel
S. Victor Nelson
Kathryn and Mike O'Donnell
Ami and Gordon Peay
Sally and Steven Presser
Camille Reed
Charles and Victoria Robinson
Alicia and William Rowell
Edward and Kate Smith
Avrum and Diane Spiegel
Nadin Sponamore and Michael Zischke
Bruce and Roxanne Van Nice
Yvette Vloeberghs
Carl and Sarah Williams


Arun and Geetha Anantharaman
Paula and Stephen Arnold
Richard and Susan Berger
Anthony and Isa Canini
Ian S. Carmichael
Rafael V. Castaneda, Jr.
David Culler and Sara Mayeno
Linda DeLucchi
Bill Evanow
Ann and Shawn Fischer Hecht
Haywood Gilliam and Estela Lopez Gilliam
Shand and William Green
Bea and Dick Heggie
Arthur and Debra Hicks
Maria Anna Hreshchyshyn and J. Loren Passmore
Gary and Shawna Kovacs
Tony Kueh
Sita and Watson Laetsch
Eleanor and Robert Lawrence
Darlene and Kenneth Lem
Luke Lin
Roberto Marcial
Petra Michel
Carlos and Grace Munoz
Ann and Michael Parker
Barbara and Charles Petit
Richard L. Schneider
Assemblymember Nancy Skinner and Mr. Lance Brady
Rune Stromsness
Jennifer and Paul Vetter


Robert and Sarah Albo
Jon Bain-Chekal and Mark Chekal-Bain
Deidre and Robert Bauer
Elizabeth and Steve Baus
Estelle and Howard Bern
Ross Biestman
Corwin and Margaret Booth
Alexander Brennen and Wendy Niles
Carl and Lisa Brodsky
Sally Beck and David Brossard
Caitlin and Nathan Brostrom
Barbara and Bruce Burkhalter
David and Margaret Carlberg
Anne and John Cooper
Judith and Paul Cortese
Janet and Richard Cotter
Andrew Cresci
Cristin Cronin
Dorothea Cudaback
Jennifer Devlin
Christopher Dodds and Mary Jane Glover Dodds
Celia and Leland Douglas
Daniel Drake and Lee Steinback-Drake
Nancy Dyar and Thomas Higgins
John Eknoian and Joanne Hagopian
Christiane and Lew Frederickson
Alan and Mickey Friedman
Amos and Marilyn Goldhaber
Anne H. Good
Katherine and Lance Gyorfi
Derrol Hammer
Darleane and Marvin Hoffman
Emily Hunt
Kirsten and Kyle Johnstone
Jing and Ken Kay
Karen and Gavin Keith
Bruce and Candis Kerns
William F. Kieffer
Fred and Margaret Lange
Vice Chancellor and Ms. Harry Le Grande
Gwenn and John Lennox
Barbara and Paul Licht
Kathy Long
Betty Look and Brian Ng
Deanna and Richard Lyon
Gilly and Jim Malmquist
Catherine Manshel and Bill Ruzitsky
Gary and Lois Marcus
Ann and John McComish
Joan K. and Paul C. McKnight
Joe and Mary McLean
Donald Medley
Charles and Reva Murphy
John and Monica Myers
Barbara Nagle
David and Kelly Oliver
Daniel Ortega and Lolla Ortega-Rybova
Frances and Robert Pierce
Kathryn Polster
Maura and Tom Richards
Barbara and James Rutherford
Casey and Rick Sasner
Barbara and Jerry Schauffler
Dr. Robert Semper and Ms. Lynn Rankin
Kevin and Sandra Ryan
Carlo and Margareta Sequin
Kate and Paul Shinn
Jeff and Michele Spitulnik
Albert and Sally Suezaki
Terri Ann Kim and J.H. Takahashi
Michael Sippey and Katrina Traywick
George and Maya Trilling
Nicki Vasquez
Brad and Susan Wait
Jill Hamilton and Jeff Wehling
Nicola and Paul Weiskopf
Kenneth A. Wesson
Stephen D. Wong