Anniversary Gala Chairs & Committee

Gala Co-Chairs
Annie Baxter Perrin and Petra Michel
Gala Committee
Steve Beck
Jean Brandenberger
Harry Heckman
Paul Hertelendy
Joyce Hicks
Erin Taylor Holland
C. Michael Lederer
Midge Zischke
Honorary Committee Chair
Mary Catherine Birgeneau, Chair
Honorary Committee
Bruce and Betty Alberts
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Albo
Bob Albo
Sharon Baab
Steve Beck and Candice Eggarss
Jean and Don Brandenberger
Ian Carmichael
Aart DeGeus and Esther John
Nancy and Hugh Ditzler
Nancy Dyar and Thomas Higgins
Roger and Patricia Falcone
David Pierpont Gardner
Grant and Austra Gauger
Susan and Larry Gregory
Sheila Grinnell and Tom Johnson
Harry and Kate Heckman
Bea and Richard Heggie
Elizabeth Helmholz
Paul Hertelendy
Joyce Hicks and Eric Behrens
Erin Taylor Holland
Thomas and Frederika Horton
Lab-Aids, Inc.
Mac (Watson M.) Laetsch
Jim and Tori Lawrence
Steven and Lorraine Lawrence
C. Michael Lederer
Interim Vice Chancellor Harry LeGrande
Ken Lutz
Henry H. Liu
John and Helen Meyer
Petra Michel
Jim and Sharon Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Peabody
Norman and Janet Pease
Annie and Marc Perrin
Dave and Judy Redo
John Robbins
Kevin and Amy Saavedra
Andy and Rachelle Sessions
Barclay and Sharon Simpson
Elizabeth Stage
Craig Strang and Persis Karim
 Jasmine and Robert Tarkoff
Diane Tokugawa and Alan Gould
Neil Tuller
Midge and Peter Zischke