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Family Health

The Lawrence Hall of Science, in collaboration with the UC School of Public Health, develops and disseminates exciting hands-on health science activities and follow-up materials related to nutrition and growth, respiratory health, mental health and the brain, and disease prevention to participating schools in the Bay Area. Family Health works with parents, teens, teachers and health professionals to build partnerships within the community through conferences, workshops and family events.

Family Health receives UCB Chancellor's 2004 Community Partnership Award

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FAMILY HEALTH materials and activities related to nutrition, heart fitness, and lifestyle issues are interactive and can easily be taught by parents, youth and teachers in community settings and classrooms. Check these out!

Cover art for Teen Theatre handbook

From the introduction
Welcome to Our Kitchen (pdf)

Sample Activities
I Like People Who... (appetizer) (pdf)
Perspective Circle (entrée) (pdf)

New! Teen Theatre
Recipes for Success
Leaders' Handbook
Grades 6-12

These theatre-based activities address current social, scientific, and health issues for teenagers. Blending theatrical, environmental, and other educational strategies to engage diverse teens, these proven and tested techniques let teens create their own memorable learning experience.

Developed for adults who work with teenagers, Teen Theatre: Recipes for Success is a step-by-step guide of how to involved teens in theatrical games, script writing, and research in a workshop setting. These activities help teens develop leadership and communication skills; self-esteem; respect for diverse points of view; and how to judge what is, and isn't, healthy risk-taking.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the handbook, you may order it online or, email us.


TEAMS Theatre performances in which secondary school students present skits and demonstrations featuring health issues of high interest to students and families in school and community settings.

Medical Mystery Festival

The Medical Mystery Festival that draws children and adults through a series of engaging hands-on activities that simulate medical investigations. Fifteen participating schools and community groups have trial-tested this festival.
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Bring the Medical Mystery Festival to your school or community:
Medical Mystery Festival I (grades 1-6 )
Medical Mystery Festival II (grades 6 to 8)
These Festivals are also available at LHS!

School Activities

School activities that teach children and families science principles related to health, decision-making skills that promote healthy choices, and leadership skills that promote participation in healthy activities. Check out some of our partner school events at:

teacher at Family Health Conference

The Family Health Conference invites teachers, parents, child care providers, and other adults to explore hands-on health science activities designed for children ages 4-11. For more information, contact Mary Connolly at mcc@berkeley.edu.

family group

Family Health Fun Day Events feature activities that celebrate science and present important health and science concepts in a fun , hands-on manner for parents and their children! For more information, contact Mary Connolly at mcc@berkeley.edu.

Dissemination of the Guide and its Spanish version, La Guía del Bienestar, which highlights health information and resources for schools and participating community groups.

Health Web Sites
Health Web Sites: Check out these web sites for health information and activities for kids, parents and teachers.
  Columbia University- LiFE (Linking Food and the Environment) Curriculum Partnership.

Expected outcomes of FAMILY HEALTH include:

  • Hands-on health activities related to nutrition, disease prevention, heart fitness, and lifestyle issues.

  • Health learning opportunities for historically under-served students and families.

  • Partnerships between health professionals, teachers, parents, and community leaders to enrich health education in schools and community settings.

For more information about FAMILY HEALTH, contact Mary Connolly at mcc@berkeley.edu.

FAMILY HEALTH: Explorations for Schools and Communities, is funded in part by:

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