Kepler Starwheel

Uncle Al's Starwheels are inexpensive star maps, adjustable for any time of night in any month of the year. Such maps are also called planispheres. These Starwheels were created by the Hall's Hands-On Universe project, and based on the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) Sky Challenger, a set of 6 star wheels, formerly available through the Hall's Discovery Corner Store.

screenshot of the Uncle Al's Starwheel
[Click for larger image.]

To Use the Sky Wheels

  1. Set date and time
  2. Note which horizon the constellation is closest to and put that horizon near the bottom.
  3. Constellations higher in the sky are closer to the center of the map.

Download a Starwheel for your area

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

Download Messier Catalog Excel File


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