Do Science Now

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Do some science right away, wherever you are. Find science experiment kits, toys, games, books, and puzzles in our online store. From chemistry sets to origami to microscopes, this is the source for hands-on fun.

24/7 Science

Do an experiment—right now! Grow crystals, do some measuring, and figure out how to eat with a beak. Play online games like Bug Hunt, too.

I Got This

“I Got This” is an interactive story app that allows players to live the life of a teenage girl with type 2 diabetes.

DIY Lake Science

Learn more about DIY Lake Science, a mobile app for iPhones and iPads, that helps families and educators investigate lakes and freshwater ecosystems.

Monster Heart Medic

Monster Heart Medic is an educational adventure game that explores the cardiovascular system and how it is affected by healthy living.

DIY Human Body

Learn more about DIY Human Body, a mobile app for iPhones and iPads that helps families and educators have fun investigating the Human Body.

DIY Sun Science

Learn more about DIY Sun Science, a mobile app for iPhones and iPads that helps families and educators have fun investigating the Sun.


Make and use your own Uncle Al's Hands-On Universe Star Wheels to have a working star map for anytime of night, any month. Find constellations for various latitudes, northern and southern hemisphere, different languages, and even a Kepler Star Wheel for finding stars with exoplanets!

Science Kits

See genetic material with your own eyes as you isolate the DNA from a tomato in a test tube. Build models, conduct physics experiments, and learn about carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect. Choose from dozens of fascinating science experiment kits.

Discovery Corner Store

From puzzles and brainteasers, to games and toys, to crafts, you’ll find hundreds of fun and educational items in our online store. They make great birthday gifts.

Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading Books

These unique books for grades 2-5 are a great way for kids to get to know scientists and science content while reading compelling, grade appropriate stories. These quality books are affordably priced at $5.95 each and can also be purchased in larger quantities for use in reading and science programs.

Sunprint Kits

Place a fern, flower, or other object on this special paper and set it in the sun briefly. Then rinse the paper in water and watch as a beautiful long-lasting image appears. Visit our Sunprint Gallery to share your creation and find inspiration.


Check out engineering design & innovation at the Hall by exploring behind the scenes of our exhibits and programs.