California Announces Blueprint for Achieving Environmental Literacy in K–12

Children interacting with the environment

California's new Blueprint for Environmental Literacy is a guide for incorporating environmental education into California schools. The Blueprint was developed for the state's Department of Education by a special task force cochaired by the Lawrence Hall of Science's associate director, Craig Strang. The Blueprint provides guidance for how schools can use California's unparalleled environment as an asset to meet the goals of the Next Generation Science Standards.

New, Free Monster Heart Medic Game App from the Hall

Monster Heart Medic

How do you diagnose and help a three-eyed monster with a heart problem? That's the challenge and fun in the new, free Monster Heart Medic iPhone/iPad app, now available in the App Store. This educational adventure game uses animated monster stories, interactive simulators, arcade games, virtual diagnostic tests and more to explore the cardiovascular system and how it's affected by healthy living. Monster Heart Medic introduces kids to a friendly monster named Ragnar who is in need of a helping hand. As kids uncover Ragnar's health problems and guide him towards heart-healthier habits, they learn about common cardiovascular risks like high blood pressure, diagnostic tests for conditions like high cholesterol, and behavioral changes like diet and exercise that can keep a monster—and themselves—healthy. The app was developed by UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science and funded by a National Institutes of Health SEPA Award.

A New Perspective on Doing Citizen Science

The East Bay Academy for Young Scientist (EBAYS), based at the Lawrence Hall of Science, proposes a model for empowering youth and their families in low-income communities to understand and improve the environment in which they live.

The Hall Joins Berkeley’s Open House and Offers Free Admission


Thousands of prospective students, parents, families, and community members will gather at the UC campus on Saturday, April 18, 2015, for Cal Day. As part of this all-day celebration, the Lawrence Hall of Science has prepared a variety of activities that enable current and prospective students and their families to experience science, technology, engineering, and math in fun and engaging ways—all free of charge.

New, Free DIY Human Body App from The Hall

DIY Human Body

What keeps the blood in your body moving in one direction? How do your lungs pull air in and push air out? Why does your nose make sticky snot while your intestines make smelly gas? DIY Human Body, a new, free app for the iPad and iPhone, lets you discover how your body’s parts and complex systems really work. With the new app from UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, you can engineer models of human organs, and make a centrifuge replica that tests the contents of "blood." You can carry out experiments on what makes bones both rigid and flexible. You can even get "gross" to learn about the fluids and chemicals your body produces that keep you healthy.

Teens Enrich Communities Through STEM With Oracle Support

Teens working in TechHive

Teens from the TechHive, a teen internship program that launched in 2012 at the Lawrence Hall of Science, have contributed their science and engineering talents to enrich communities in the Bay Area. Applying a model of “connected learning,” teens are encouraged to not only be consumers, but producers of knowledge, tools, activities, and media messages.